TM-Conqueror: Trademark law in Germany, Europe and the World

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What are trademarks?

As a rule, a trade mark is used to identify the goods and/or services of an enterprise. Signs suitable for distinguishing goods and/or services of an enterprise from those of another enterprise can be protected as trade marks. These can be, for example, words, letters, numbers, images, but also colours, holograms, multimedia signs and sounds.

Trade mark protection arises from registration of a trade mark applied for in the Register of DPMA. Trade mark protection may also arise from the level of recognition acquired due to intensive use of a sign in trade or by its general reputation.

In addition to the classic individual trade marks, there is also the trade mark category of the certification mark. The certification mark is characterised above all by the fact that, unlike the individual trade mark, its focus is not on the function of indicating origin but on the guarantee function.

What are trademarks?

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