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Trademark Opposition Proceedings

Opposition against a trademark

from 600 EUR*

We offer you the following services:

  • assess the chances of success of opposition proceedings
  • formulate the grounds of opposition
  • submit the request of opposition to the competent office

The chances of a opposition proceeding vary from person to person. You should seek for legal advice if you want to know more about it. The Trademark Conquerors can assess the situation and your chances according to trademark law.

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Trademark owners can file an opposition against the registration of a younger priority trademark. Which are the chances to an opposition proceeding?

The following keywords are crucial for the success of an appeal proceeding:

  • Compliance with the three-month time limit for opposition
  • Payment of the opposition fees
  • Grounds of appeal
  • Likelihood/confusion between the opposing marks

Both the trademark and the goods and services claimed may be confusing. Seek for legal advice.

Remember: The closer the classes of goods and services are, the greater the distance between the signs should be in order to exclude a problem of likelihood.

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