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Frequently asked questions about trademark law (FAQ)

What is the difference between property right searches and user searches?

The property right search checks whether a trademark is already protected. The use search checks whether third parties infringe the rights of an already registered trademark.

What is the difference between identity search and similarity search?

In an identity search, exactly the same name is searched for. A similarity search is used to find names or logos that resemble a specific trademark.

How far does a search go?

The search – i.e. the search – covers German trade marks applied for and registered, registers of European Community trade marks, and international registers. The scope of the search depends on the use of the trademark.

What is the difference between brands and names?

From the point of view of the trademark application there is no difference.

Can I search for brands myself?

Yes, but to be really sure, a professional search strategy in different databases is absolutely necessary.

The trademark conquerors have the necessary experience and expertise, can analyse the result and summarise it in a report.

In the case of trademarks, a warning is often issued for likelihood of confusion. The complexity requires a professional search strategy in different databases.

The significance of a professional search is decisive.

For reasons of liability and the necessary independence, we recommend that you conduct your research via a neutral provider in the case of brand or domain sales and conflict situations.

Spoiler title

Absolute protection obstacles are:

  • there is too great a similarity between the mark and an already registered mark, its goods and services
  • deceptive indications
  • the trademark consists exclusively of signs or indications in ordinary language.

There are also relative barriers to protection and insurmountable obstacles to protection.

What does (D), (EU) and (IR) means?

(D), (EU) and (IR) describe the provenience of the trademark:

  • (D) = Deutschland, Germany
  • (EU) = Europäische Gemeinschaft, European Union
  • (IR) = Internationale Registrierung, International Registration
Which states belong to the EU (European Community)?

European States: Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom. (as of 2020)

What are the contracting states under MMA (Madrid Agreement)?
What is a grace period?

The grace period for use is the period from the date of filing of the application for a trade mark. The period is five years from the filing of the trademark application. During this period, the trademark cannot be cancelled.

Legal Qualification

We can handle trademark legal cases thanks to the following qualifications:

The trademarks conquerors are attorneys/lawyers/legal specialists/patent attorneys for the field of trademark protection and trademark law.
Specialized Attorneys
The trademark conquerors have lawyers who are qualified as specialist lawyers for industrial property rights (including trademark law) and specialist lawyers for copyright and media law.
Patent Attorneys
If necessary, one of our patent attorneys will be consulted.

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We advise and represent…

In particular, we  advise and represent medium-sized companies, corporate groups, economic institutions and public corporations of various sizes in patent law. Our clients include the following:

Educational Institutions
Universities, colleges, technical schools
Developers, hardware and software system houses, manufacturers, programmers, providers, computer centres, web designers, networkers, net agencies
Energy Company
Operators of renewable generation plants, independent electricity traders, industrial power plant companies, project planners
Retail Chain Stores
Wellness Facilities, Hotels, Clinics, Retail Markets and Companies
Research & Development
Research and Development Companies and Institutions
Financial Institutions
Banks, Saving Banks, Saving Institutions
Industrial Enterprises
Aluminium, Automotive Supply, Construction, Chemistry, Design, Seals, Electrical Engineering, Production Engineering, Beverages, Information Technology, Fuel, Plastics, Food, Mechanical Engineering, Metal, Paper and Cardboard, Recycling, Telecommunications, Environmental Technology, Packaging

On the basis of many years of experience, we have created service packages for our clients. These packages represent specific, constantly occurring solution offers.

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Innovative Enterprises
Inventor, Start-ups, Technology Transfer, Intermediaries
Local Authorities
Communities,  Cities, Administrative local authorities
Exhibition Construction and Marketing
Companies such as catering, market research, trade fair construction, trade fair planning, trade fair implementation
church, cultural, education
State Authorities
Federal Administrations, State Authorities and Institutions, State Companies
Associations and Clubs
Services, Industry, Craft, Sport, Technical Monitoring
Publishing Industry
Authors, Printers, Editors, Publishers
Advertising Agencies
Event Agencies, Full-Service Agencies, Web Agencies


“Your goal is our goal.”

Different professional backgrounds of our lawyers constitute our profile. Our services are tailored to fit your needs. Our basic principle consists in professional expertise, excellent education, continuous vocational training and experience. Our individual traits throughout all our activities are defined by specialisation, expert knowledge in different branches and in law as well as creativity. Early advice in legal matters provides for activities in compliance with law. In case of conflict we are open for alternative solutions, e.g. by mediating.
We complement one another having in mind one goal: your success. Are you looking for a reliable partner to put your plans and ideas into action? Contact us to have one of our lawyers confidentially advise you. Personal contact is very important for us – the choice of means of communication is up to you. Your lawyer assists you constantly at any point of your road to success. Your goal is our goal.


Attorneys / Specialized Lawyers / Patent Attorneys

Our Team is talented and specialized.

Rechtsanwalt Michael Horak Hannover Stuttgart Wien Zürich Anwalt

Michael Horak, M.Sc., LL.M.

Attorney-at-law · Engineer
Certified Copyright and Media Law Specialist
Certified Intellectual Property Law Specialist


Wettbewerbsrecht Anwalt Julia Ziegeler Rechtsanwältin Hannover geboren in Bückeburg Rehburg-Loccum

Julia Ziegeler

Certified Copyright and Media Law Specialist
Certified Intellectual Property Law Specialist


Anna Umberg Rechtsanwältin Hannover Nutzungsrecht Verbreitungsrecht senderecht öffentliche Wiedergabe Anwalt Hannover Oldenburg Osnabrück Werberecht Abmahnung UWG Anwalt

Anna Umberg, LL.M., M.A.

Certified Intellectual Property Law Specialist


Andree Eckhard Patentanwalt Hannover Patentrecht Markenrecht Wettbewerbsrecht UWG Hamburg

Andree Eckhardt, M.Sc.

Patent Attorney
European Trademark Attorney
European Design Attorney
Diploma in Physics


Gitamnn Rechtsanwältin Hannover Wettbewerbsrecht UWG Hamburg

Katharina Gitmann-Kopilevich

Certified Intellectual Property Law Specialist


Behrend Rechtsanwältin Hannover Wettbewerbsrecht UWG Hamburg

Karoline Behrend



Müller Rechtsanwältin Hannover Wettbewerbsrecht UWG Hamburg

Dr. Johanna K. Müller-Kühne

Patent Attorney
Diploma in Bioscience


Andreas Friedlein

Andreas Friedlein




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Our technical and scientific fields of focus

We master legal areas of technology and natural science.

Automation Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Construction machinery
Automotive industry
Aircraft construction
Drive Technology
Control engineering
Process Engineering
Production Engineering
Production Engineering
Packaging Technology
Paper Technology
Product development
Measurement technology
Control engineering
Process Technology
Home appliances
Small appliances
Food Technology
Aerospace industry
Safety engineering
Power Plant Technology
Material Technology
Steel production
Steel processing
Metal Technology
Ceramic Technology
Power Engineering
Renewable energy
life science
Kclassical and modern physics
Solid State Physics
Laser Physics
Electrical Engineering
Radio Frequency Technologies
High Voltage Engineering
Atomic Physics
Molecular physics
Plant Biotechnology
Physical Chemistry
Organic chemistry
Inorganic chemistry
Medical Technology
Generic drugs
Active ingredients
Diagnostic Technology
genetic engineering
Human Medicine
Information and Data
Information Technology
Data Processing Technology
Image processing technologies
semiconductor technology
Consumer electronics
Computer Hardware
IT Technology
Science & Technology

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