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Trademarks Monitoring

Trademarks Monitoring

from 200 EUR*/Year

An international trademark monitoring consists in the following services:

  • Search in the databases of German trademarks, European Community trademarks and international registrations by a search company.
  • Research of identical and similar registrations.
  • Search in a class of goods and services.
  • Monthly result report by a research company.
  • Evaluation made by one of our lawyers and experts.
  • The Abo can be cancelled at any time.

This is an additional monitoring service to the standard monitoring. Do you want to know more? Get in touch with us.

Monitoring and Supervision

Trademark owners must be vigilant. Infringement and dilution could put your trademark in danger. The monitoring of intellectual properties could protect your trademark.

Potential competitors can quickly register similar trademarks, goods or service combinations. You will then lose the distinctiveness and differentiation of your trademark if you do not act quickly.

Trademarks have a high idealistic and material value. Considerable loss of sales and damage to image can be the consequences of trademarks theft or misuse.

Let us be the guardians of your trademarks.

With consequent surveillance and monitoring you can preserve the value of your brand.

Through permanent monitoring of the trademark registers, potential conflict applications will be reported to you immediately so that you can react immediately.

Protect your trademark

Our team will offer you a legal analysis and development of a defence strategy in case of an attack on an attacked trademark.

There are several strategies:

  • Oppositions to the registration at the competent trademark office
  • Priority Agreement on the delimitation of the trademarks rights
  • Warning letter plus preliminary injunction

How far does our monitoring go?

You can determine the scope of the monitoring yourself, get in touch with us and we’ll advise you.

Book an appointment!

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