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Trademark Registration

Registration of a trademark

The TM-Conquerors are great advisors and can also register you trademark for you. Get to know us better.

By filing a trademark application with the Patent and Trademark Office, you receive an absolute protection right in the form of your trademark from the moment of its registration.

However, you should clarify the following keypoints in advance with a legal or an expert:

  • Are there any kind of protection obstacles for your trademark?
  • Which kind of form would you exactly want to protect? A  word mark, word and figurative mark or just a figurative mark? Particular forms like 3D-Mark or color mark?
  • How is the list of goods and services you shall apply for?
  • Has this trademark already been registered by anyone else?
  • If a similar mark already exists, does a risk of likelihood of confusion exists?

The TM-Conquerors always recommend you to firstly commission a Trademark and Businessname Search. That’s the best thing you can do to avoid risks for your trademark.

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