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Trademark Research

We offer the following searches:

A trademark search provides you with an overview of competitors. You will find out whether there are third-party trademark users or owners who are using a similar or identical trademark lawfully or illegally. In this way, you can find out whether they may hinder or attack your trademark.

It makes sense to do a search for:

  • Trademarks (Word marks / word / figurative marks / other types of marks)
  • Logos
  • Slogans
  • Company or domain name
  • Business names
  • Proper names of persons
  • Titles

Property right search or user search?

If you decide to apply for a new trademark, an industrial property right search is suitable. If you already have a trademark and want to know whether another trademark owner can still derive rights, a usage search is useful.

Property right search for your “dream trademark”

You have chosen a name for your brand or company. However, before you use or apply for this name for business purposes, you should have a property right search carried out. The trademark conquerors can carry out the search for you. The trademark conquerors check whether your “desired trademark” is already protected.

If you are using a protected trademark, you are infringing on the property rights of others. This can be punishable by law and can lead to warnings with costs. Both should be avoided. This protection applies to registered and pending trademarks.

Usage search for trademark owners

If you are the owner of a registered trademark, you can have a usage search carried out to check whether third parties are infringing your rights.Depending on the application, a national, Europe-wide or international search for existing trademark rights may be necessary.

Brands have a high idealistic and material value. Considerable loss of sales and damage to the image can be the consequences of brand theft or misuse.

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