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International Trademark Registration (IR)

International Trademark Registration (IR)

from 345 EUR*  

Globalize your trademark!

With the International Registration you can obtain trademark protection in over 100 countries. This international registration is made possible by the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol of the Madrid Agreement concerning the international registration of marks. You only need a basic trademark.

Your advantage: You do not need to register national trademarks in the different member states in parallel. You receive trademark protection in each country as if your trademark had been deposited there directly.

If your trademark is legally rejected in one country, the trademark protection remains valid in the other countries – in contrast to the EU community trademark.

How does it work?

The mark conquerors bring your trademark to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva for registration. The trademark application is made by the trademark conquerors as representatives. You are the trademark owner. With the application you receive ten years of trademark protection. You can extend the protection as often as you wish.

As an option, you will receive a standard trademark monitoring from trademark application for Germany, the European Community and international trademarks with a search in the databases of German trademarks, European Community trademarks and international registrations by a search company. This includes the quarterly determination of identical and similar trademarks by a search company and evaluation by a lawyer. The monitoring can be terminated at any time. Further details are regulated in our GTC.

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