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Trademark Maintenance

Trademark maintenance: what happens after you have registered your trademark?

It’s done! You have successfully registered your trademark. Congratulations. Your trademark now enjoys protection under trademark law.

Once your trade mark has been registered, you might think that your work is done but unfortunately, we have to contradict this.

Trademark protection is only of use to you if you enforce it. The trademark must be strictly monitored and infringements must be consistently punished. Otherwise, there is a risk of forfeiture or dilution of the trademark.

Stay safe. Protect your trademark. Book your appointment.  

In order to safeguard the protection of your trademark you must regularly check the trademark register. Has a similar trademark been registered after your registration? If so, you can assert your relative protection rights.

Secondly, you must keep an eye on the World Wide Web. If your trademark is used unauthorised by, for example, your competitors, we advise you to enforce your rights.

You don’t know how to put up with all these protective maneuvers? We are a team of experienced attorneys. Get in touch with us. 

Trademark Maintenance

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